Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Planning Construction!

Hello all!

The YR&G Board has approved the project and we are starting to make plans for construction. The basic thought is to construct the pavilion over several weekends next June (2013).

June 1-7 Week - Material Staging
  • Materials get delivered during the week
June 8-9 Weekend - Foundation
  • Dig Holes
  • Install Sonitubes
  • Mix and Pour Concrete
  • Install Strong Ties
  • Move rest of the building supplies to the range
June 15-16 Weekend - Main Construction
  • Posts
  • Beams
  • Roof
  • Front Overhang
  • Shooting bench and seat
  • Picnic Table
June 22-23 Weekend - Alternate (in case of earlier weekend rain)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Set for Aug 4, 2013


The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the Cy Johnson Memorial Shooting Pavilion has been scheduled for August, 2013. Mom Johnson will be cutting the ribbon, as we officially open the new pavilion for use!

Cy Johnson Memorial Shooting Pavilion
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Sunday, Aug 4, 2013 at 4PM

We invite everyone to join us for this event!

Chuck Johnson
Pavilion Project Coordinator

Detailed Materials List

This materials list is a work in progress. We will refine the details of the project over the next several weeks and update the list.
  • 3 - 6x6x12 Treated
  • 5 - 6x6x14 Treated (includes angle supports)
  • 3 - 6x6x16 Treated 
  • 6 - 2x12x26 Engineered Beams 
  • 40 - 2x6x12 Treated
  • 14 - 2x4x12 Treated (rain guard roof) 
  • 22 Sheets of 7/16 OSB
  • 1 Roll of roofing paper
  • 30 Sheets of Ondura 79" x 48" + hardware
  • Shooting table
  • 2 sheets 3/4 treated plywood
  • 10 2x4x8 Treated 
  • Picnic Tables
  • 2 - steel picnic table frames
  • 10 2x10x8 Treated 
  • Bolts / Nails / Stain

The Pine that must GO

One of the biggest jobs for the pavilion is to cut down the old HUGE pine that would threaten the longevity of the pavilion. You can see the pine on the left in the picture below.....

Pavilion Project Plan

Here is the plan for the project. I will keep this up to date with the latest progress and changes.

Site Preparation
  • Remove small trees that could threaten the pavilion (Chuck)
  • Drop the HUGE pine tree that threatens the pavilion (Teddy to get a price to drop the tree in a safe direction)
  • Test hole probes (Chuck) - Need to find 9 hole locations, 3 ft deep
Pricing Estimates
  • Pine tree removal (Teddy)
  • 6 - 26ft 2x12 Engineered Beams (Teddy)
  • Other treated wood (Teddy)
  • Ondura roofing (Teddy)
  • 6 - 26ft 2x12 Engineered Beams 
  • Other treated wood
  • See Detailed Materials List
Memorial Plaque
  • Hand Crafted Wood Memorial Plaque - (Rich and Dori)
  • "The Cy Johnson Memorial Shooting Pavilion"
  • "In memory of Cy Johnson, 1916 - 1998"
  • Hole digging and post installation
  • Main support installation
  • Roof rafter installation
  • Roof sheeting and corrugated sheeting
  • Rain guard roof framing
  • Rain guard roof surfacing
  • Shooting Bench installation
  • Spectator Bench installation 
  • Picnic Tables build
  • Memorial Plaque Installation
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
  • Sunday, Aug 4, 2013
  • Mom Johnson to cut the ribbon

The Cy Johnson Memorial Shooting Pavilion

Here we go! The plan is to bring back the days when the shooting range had a nice shooting pavilion, and to do it in honor of Cy Johnson!